St. Athans Hotel, central London’s 1st Green B&B

That’s right, we’re central London’s first and currently only Green B&B hotel. Although we have implemented dozens of practices to make our green hotel more environmentally friendly, much of our eco-footprint is due to the habits of our guests – that means you!

Below are a few hints on how to do your bit with our green action list:

Green Actions you can do

1. Save energy. These are the most obvious – turn off the radiator, and turn off lights & appliances when you leave your room. Close your window when the heating is on, or turn it down when you go to bed.

2. Walk around town, use the hire bicycles or at least public transport. We’re lucky enough to be right in the centre of London, so you can walk to many places of interest. Use the free maps at reception or download the Citymapper App on your phone which will give you all possible options for any destination.

3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We are a conduit for our guests’ waste, which only seems to get more every year. So try to avoid overly packaged goods, leave any packaging at the shop and say no to that extra carrier bag. We try to recycle anything left in your room bin, but it needs to be clean – so wash out anything dirty, as you’d do at home.

4. Be water wise. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, leave the shower before you get wrinkly and re-use your towels. Unlike many hotels our towel policy is not to change your towels every day – if you do want a replacement please bring it down to reception and we’ll simply exchange it. Please also let us know if any taps or toilets are leaking.

5. Buy local. London, like any international city, is swamped by big brand shops that you can find anywhere. However, it also has a healthy culture of independent, local or family-run owned enterprises, and as a visitor, we really recommend you try the real London experience of unique goods, food and services only available in London.

6. Support Green Tourism. There are dozens of things for you to do and see in London that also show their commitment to reducing environmental impacts through the Green Tourism scheme. For more info go to