Central London’s 1st Green B&B hotel

The St. Athans Hotel is committed to being a sustainable business that will be around for generations to come. With this in mind we have consciously planned using Permaculture Design, and continue to find new ways, to lessen our environmental impact – leading the way in adopting green practices in affordable accommodation, making us the only  certified green hotel in Bloomsbury, London.

To be a green hotel not only do we aim to Refuse, Reduce, Re-use, Repair, Recycle, and minimise the environmental impact of our business, we also aim to use materials that are built to last, and natural and bio-degradable products, and are committed to protecting, conserving and enhancing all aspects of the environment over which we have control or influence – monitoring our progress and reviewing our performance on an annual basis.

We also feel it is important to widen our own influence: so we train all employees to be aware of the impacts of their jobs, educate guests on how to support the measures we’ve undertaken, and spread our message online.

A comprehensive list of what we actually do to achieve this will be posted in a later blog, as its much too long for here, but they are encompassed in the following headings:

  • Permaculture Design
  • Energy & water use efficiency
  • Waste recycling
  • Green & ethical Procurement
  • Outreach & Education
  • Edible landscaping

We recognise that our green hotel, just by existing, has an impact on the environment, and realise that for some people green tourism itself may be an oxymoron. In fact we understand that currently it may be impossible to run a truly sustainable zero carbon business in London, but that’s what we’re working towards anyway. We hope you follow our journey and be part of the green transformation that is needed in the world.

PS. If you have any comments, suggestions or are a hotel looking to do something similar please get in touch.