St Athans

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St Athans

20 Tavistock Place

Russell Square

London WC1H 9RE

+44 (0)20 7837 9140

Pets welcome at St. Athans Hotel


We welcome pets as family members. We accept any type of pet, as long as they’re well behaved, and don’t make any noise that might upset other guests.

When you book your room please let the receptionist know you’ll be bringing your pet.

When you check-in you’ll be asked to let our reception know when it’ll be ok to service the room.

Pet food can be bought locally in the Waitrose Supermarket just around the corner.

If you need dog walkers or sitters, you can try one of these websites:

To speak to one of our receptionist about bringing your pet along
call +44 (0)207 837 9140 or email us at