The Top10 AlternativeThings to Do in London

London is one of the largest and most bustling cities in the world, but it is also one of the most expensive. For budget and younger travellers alike this makes London a difficult city to visit. However lately there has been an immergence of cheaper budget hotels and shops that are catering to these budget travellers it has never been easier. There are plenty of lists of the top 10 must see things to do in London but this one is a little different, a little less cliché; if you will.

Here are 10 different things to do in London, most of them you’ll even be able to do on a budget!

10. Live Rugby for an awesome experience of live football at a fraction of the price.

Nothing is more true to the English experience than going to a live football match. The problem is that the games tend to be hundreds of quid to watch one of the premier football clubs play in London. The alternative is seeing a world class rugby match watching the London Broncos or the London Wasps for less than 20 pounds.

9. Take a stroll around Shoreditch

Looking for bargains in Brick Lane Market or simply enjoying a bit of people watching as you sip your tea or cocktail in this trendy area. There is plenty to do and see if you frequent indie dance clubs and eateries and taking a stroll off the beaten path. The unique setting offers the opportunity to browse the local shops and create lasting memories as you discover Shoreditch for yourself.

8. Borough Markets for arts and eats

different london attractions - borough marketThis combines the better of two worlds with great food and hand crafted artistic crafts. As with most markets this is a place to come and sample the best of the area and with regards to the food it has been heralded as the best food from around the UK. Whether you want some interesting local art or just like to browse Borough Markets is definitely worth and afternoon or two.

7. Pieminister for all foods English

Fish and chips, beer, curry and other pies are truly British fare. The folks over at Pieminister have taken these staples and have elevated them to a whole new height of deliciousness. Not the best for those on a diet, but if you like amazing food and want a taste of true British glory this is the place.

6. Don’t pass Go without a Beer

You may have ventured a pub crawl in the past but I’m pretty sure that you haven’t done one based on a round of Monopoly. With 26 spaces on a game board there are 26 pubs and bars to visit. The rules are simple grab a pint in every pub starting from the proverbial go. By taking in a unique self-guided tour with beers as the rewards you get to see the city from a completely different angle.

5. To Go or Not to Go – Experience a majestic performance at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Cutting against the theme of doing things outside of the tourist attractions this unique experience goes beyond just the tour. Catching a performance that is as true to the period is a one in a lifetime experience. All of those that that desire culture this is a great place to start, with performances being held year round.

4. Tour with the Ghost of Jack the Ripper

A city with as much history and people as London has had through the last centuries affords an abundance of horror tales to experience. Taking a ghost tour of London is a great way to get your daily dose of fright learning some spooky history and less frequently repeated facts. If you enjoy ghost tours this city boasts some of the most interesting walks.

3. What a hamster ball feels like

As a splurge on afternoon you can run or tumble down a hill in a large plastic ball with a new activity call zorbing. One of the more active and possibly extreme things to do in London is climbing inside of a Zorb. As it envelopes you whole you can run around on the grass or water in this air cushioned hamster ball like enclosure.

2. Speakers Corner – Free Speech to the Max

If you find yourself walking around Hyde Park you may stumble upon what is called speakers corner. This space in the north-western corner of the park is a great way to listen to some interesting and off-beat speeches given by anyone with the courage to speak their mind. Taking this activity to the next level you could even find something to stand on and speak to whatever is bothering you!

1. Get your Daily exercise with a dose of History

London offers a walking tour for all those who want to learn and see some of the interesting sights related to their favorite topic. Whether you are interested in James Bond or railroads there is a fantastic variety of places to see and learn more about. Taking a new walking tour for every day that you spend in London will show you a slightly different view of this wondrous city every time.

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