London Nightlife : Discover What to Do and See in One of the World’s Most Exciting Cities

The nightlife in London can be an exciting as it has it all. There are theatres to watch amazing performances, opera to be heard at Covent Garden, as well as the expected drinks and dancing at all hours of the night. Choosing your adventure each night in London can accommodate whatever your heart desires.

Here are 10 of the most amazing pubs, clubs, and venues to whet your appetite for the possibilities that await your London nightlife experience.

Loungelover – Decadent Decor and Creative Cocktails

Accessible from the Old Street Tube Station, Loungelover is a cocktail bar that combines antique decor and creative cocktails. Whether you want a night of gab over cocktails or just as a place to start the night with a few drinks Loungelover has a cool and eclectic feel that you will enjoy.

Prospect of Whitby Pub – True London Pub Experience

Accessible from either the Shadwell or Limehouse DLR Tube stations, the Prospect of Whitby Pub offer the perfect pub that is loaded with history and old London charm.

The river views and comfortable atmosphere make it a perfect place to enjoy a pint or two.

The Light Bar – Rub Elbows with Celebrities

Accessible from the Leicester Square Tube Station, the Light Bar is an elegant bar that offers the opportunity to spot celebrities checking into the hotel. This highfalutin bar can be easy to miss as it is inside the Starck’s St Martin’s Lane Hotel.

The French House – Half Pints for All

Accessible from the Leicester Square Tube Station, The French House is a tiny pub in the Soho neighbourhood. A famed tavern for the theatre going locals you can enjoy your half pint outside if there isn’t any room.

 Egg – Not just breakfast

Accessible from the Kings Cross Tube Station this all night dance club takes advantage of a central open-air courtyard. With an exciting of variety and it can appeal to all people that like to dance the night away.

Notting Hill Arts Club – Quaint and Intimate

Accessible from the Notting Hill Gate Tube Station this uber-cool and dimly lit club is furnished with sofas and an appropriate sized dance floor. It also houses many live acts ranging from poetry readings to artistic creations; on the nights that the music isn’t pumping.

Fabric – Bass for all ages

Accessible from the Farringdon Tube Station this mega club offers three dance floors and five bass-tastic sound systems. With the line ups starting around the block this is the place to be for serious clubbers that want to experience the best DJs.

 The 02 – Super Entertainment Complex

Accessible from the North Greenwich Tube Station this complex was revamped through the 2000s and now houses everything from comedy, to ice hockey, to sold-out Bollywood performances. Whatever the occasion it’ll be a show to remember.

Ronnie Scott’s – Cool Jazz

Accessible from the Tottenham Court Road Tube Station this is London’s premiere jazz club. Embodying the heart of Soho, world renowned musicians offer live jazz every night of the week.

 Southbank Centre – We’re got Culture

Accessible from the Waterloo Tube Station the Southbank Centre includes the Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Purcell Room and Hayward Gallery. This is the heart for all things cultural in London highlighted with exhibitions and live performances.

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