How to Find a Great Motel in London : 4 Practical Tips

There are a few things that you need to consider whenever you are planning a trip whether the purpose is for business or for pleasure. Finding a good place to stay that doesn’t break the bank is usually one of the hardest. Using the following practical tips you can increase the value of the money that you spend and make sure that you find a great motel in London.



1. Check with the motels directly

For the best deals and to get a good sense of the price give the motel that you are thinking about staying at a ring or email. By making contact with the motel directly you can gauge their customer service and ask them questions regarding price. They ultimately have the ability to negotiate a better deal or save the hassle of comparison shopping if you are happy with what they offer. They may also offer a value added promotion that you may not be aware of that may make all the difference.

2. Search online and read reviews

It used to be that you could only talk to friends and family about their travels and try to suss out if you would like to stay at that place. But now with the ability to compare motels online and read reviews of past customers you can get a less bias and more freely available overview of not only the price but the amenities and staff. Take time to compare all aspects as spending a few extra quid on a motel that has everything you need may be better than doing without for a marginal savings.

 3. Find out what area of town you want to stay in

With a city that is as large as London there are plenty of neighbourhoods that you can stay in that have their pros and cons. Finding an area such as the area around Euston Station will allow you to walk to a lot of attractions and also hop on the underground tube or train to quickly get to anywhere that you want to go. Making sure that you research the surrounding area is less vital when you are centrally located with access to a great transit station.

4. Backup: Walk into the motel and negotiate

This may not be the ideal strategy to find the best price but by having a few backup motels in mind you can easily walk in and negotiate with them if your original plans fell through. The savings may not be great but you will get to test the customer service and improve an otherwise disastrous situation.

motel in londonFor the very best deal on a great Motel in London you have to spend the time and compare your options. Starting with the area of town that you want and reading the online reviews will ensure that you get an inexpensive place to stay that has it all; as the St Athans Hotel does. Book early to ensure the best price and secure availability, and don’t forget take full advantage of all of the benefits that St Athans Hotel has to offer.

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