Discover the Pros and Cons of Staying at Budget Hotel Chains: Local Budget Hotels

Staying with a familiar chain hotel has its comforts and often familiar decor, but there isbudget hotels in central london seldom any personality that comes along with this. Travelling is made most expensive by not planning proper lodging and budget motels chains are often a go to solution in these circumstances. There are pros and cons to staying in a budget hotel and most of the time they get the job done even if you have to put up with a few annoying aspects. If you take the time to seek out value you will notice that each city has a few hidden gems that provide a better value.

 Pros of Budget Hotel Chains


Budget hotels can offer a familiar place to stay as they usually try to keep the decor the same no matter where they are in the world. Past the decor there are always the standard amenities including bathroom, bed, TV, and dressing area. Every effort has been made to make this all as standardized as possible so that you always know what to expect. The budget hotel chains are also usually very easy to book with and have an advertised standard price. They are usually no problem booking last minute and just arriving without a reservation.

 Cons of Budget Hotel Chains

For most people the standardized and familiarity of budget hotel chains starts to get boring and even depressing if you travel frequently. The monotony and lack of variety can make the standardization more of a con than a pro. If there is a breakfast it usually consists of just coffee and muffins. Wanting to check out the local attractions is usually about reading over a set of brochures as the front desk staff isn’t always the most helpful. Depending on the size of the budget hotel and the thickness of the walls the neighbours could be quite noisy.

In a pinch budget hotel chains offer a bed to sleep in and a standardized experience. If you have any time at all it is better to seek out a local bed and breakfast type budget hotel, such as St Athans hotel, that can offer most of the pros without nearly as many of the cons. With clean rooms and friendly service these local budget hotels can be great places to find information about the local area and have all of the services that you expect; even some bonuses that you don’t. If you need to stay in London consider St. Athans Hotel for your budget hotel needs, and if you are looking to stay in a different city search out a local budget hotel in advance for the best experience.

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