Cheap Hotels near Russell Square : How to Find A Great Deal

When you are staying in a city as large as London there are certain things you have to takeRussell Square into consideration such as proximity to the underground tube, notable attractions, as well as great food and possibly a vibrant nightlife. London has a number of these locations but none of them quite compare to Russell Square. Finding a great cheap hotel to stay around Russell square will allow you to be in walking distance to some of the best attractions as well as being right beside a busy tube station that will transport you anywhere in the city.

Staying in Bloomsbury, which is what the area is referred to, will increase the quality of your stay as you can walk to a number of attractions including the famed British Museum. Other notable attractions within walking distance include the University of London’s main campus, Russell Square gardens, and Covent Garden. Food and the nightlife scene are not far away either as it is only a short jaunt to the area known as SOHO.

Russell Square Gardens is a large beautiful square with plenty of history that has recently been re-landscaped with a focus on based on the original layout. A fusion of modern and old city charm can be seen especially with the new ornamental fountain that highlights the whole garden space.

Budget Hotels Near the British Museum and Covent Garden

British_MuseumBritish Museum is a free museum that you can visit when staying in a hotel such as St Athans Hotel around Russell Square. This museum is dedicated to human history and culture and is said to house over eight million items that have been collected, most of which are on display. If you are a fan of Egyptian antiquities the British Museum houses the largest collection outside of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

The term Covent Garden is used to refer to not only a part of town with plenty of theatres and comedy shows, but it is also the Royal Opera House. This building is home to the Royal Opera, Royal Ballet, and even houses an Orchestra. Besides the higher end theatrical shows the area also boasts some amazing comedy clubs such as the Original Covent Garden Comedy Club.

cheap hotel in london : St AthansNo matter what you are trying to see or do in London, staying in a cheap hotel around Russell Square will give you the ability and the privilege of an amazing experience. By staying at a locally owned and run cheap hotel such as the St Athans Hotel, you can ask their knowledgeable and friendly staff for advice. Walking to the attractions or hopping onto the tube service will allow you to see all of the attractions that you could want in the shortest possible time.


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