How to find a London Hotel Near Kings Cross

As one of the most important ways that you can see a city as large as London, finding a Bed and breakfast near kings cross bed and breakfast that is near a major train station is paramount. Using the transit during your stay in London will allow you to experience the wonder and vast attractions that are not only in central London but also scattered throughout the city. King’s Cross station is one of these major train stations in central London and if you can find a bed and breakfast or hotel in the area you will have an increased potential of a better stay in London.

King’s Cross station is near many tourist attractions such as the British Library and Regent’s Park, as well as many restaurants and boutiques. It is also the main station that is referenced in the Harry Potter novels as the starting point of the Hogwarts Express if you enjoy that series. With the recent arrival of the Eurostar trains the area surrounding King’s Cross station has been rejuvenated and transformed by the increase in business. There are plenty of places to stay and finding a great hotel near King’s Cross station will save you time and money that can be better spent enjoying everything that London has to offer.

As a short walk to Euston station and St Pancras tube station, as well as, the proximity to the city trains and Eurostar King’s Cross station is a great hub to book a hotel around, especially if you are planning on taking day trips around to the local cities and villages. With so much to offer finding an appropriate hotel that meets your expectations is a great way to capitalize on all of the benefits that King’s Cross station has to offer.

Bed and Breakfast Near Kings Cross Station

Finding a hotel that is not only close to King’s Cross station but also has clean rooms, great staff, and is well reviewed is almost imperative for a great stay in central London. With so many options available to you in regards to finding a great hotel it is important to take the reviews into consideration when you are doing your research. Using people’s experiences can be a great way to vet your decisions and save you the cost and headaches of booking a lemon.

Booking a stay with St. Athans Hotel as a cheap bed and breakfast in London is a great choice. They are centrally located with access to a major tube station, Euston station and King’s Cross station, and have a welcoming and lovely staff. The location cannot be beat for the money and it has consistent positive reviews online. For the best cheap bed and breakfast in London book your stay with St Athans Hotel today!


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