Cheap Weekend Breaks in the UK: How to Plan a Great Get Away

The UK is a beautiful place that can be very expensive if you don’t do a bit of planning before you trip. Cheap weekend breaks in the UK are available and ready to be had if you research and explore all of the inexpensive and free offerings that this wonderful country has to offer, making your experience richer while not costing you a lot of money. Although there are great weekend breaks to be had all across the UK none of them quite compare to finding a great deal on a weekend break in London.

The Best Places to Stay in London for SightSeeing

London is the heart of the UK and is teeming with landmarks, museums and mouth-watering restaurants to be explored.  A budget conscious traveller will be aware that on the surface London is very expensive but with a bit of planning and creative advice you can see and experience all the wonder of London at any price range.  The beautiful landmarks of London include the London Eye and its majestic city views, the Tate Modern with its collections of modern and contemporary art, and the multitude of wonderful museums that have recently been freed of admission costs.  Besides the landmarks there are thriving nightclubs, amazing restaurants, fantastic shopping and a booming section referred to as the South bank right in central London.

There are many interesting things to see and experience in London on a cheap weekend break in the UK that taking a little bit of time to figure out what you are interested in doing will allow you to get the most out of the time. With a metropolis of this size you can experience all kinds of quirky restaurants such as Dan Le Noir where you eat in the dark, Inamo which has an interactive menu, or Archipelago for some chocolate cover scorpions.  If biting into a chocolate cover exoskeleton is not your thing you may want to explore the theatre and catch a musical such as the Lion King, Les Miserable, stand-up comedy or if you are feeling adventurous a Cabaret. 

During the daytime in London there are many activities and sights that you can see on a budget.  There are outdoor films at the Somerset House which is a neoclassical edifice on the Strand which hosts open air concerts and festivals in the summer and in the winter there is ice skating. If you are traveling with the children and are looking for some activities that are not only kid friendly but where they will form memories and be thoroughly entertained there are a multitude of activities.  Some of these activities include Comedyclub4kids, Penguin beach, Chinese lanterns, Alexandra Palace Pitch and Putt, Bekonscot model village, Butterfly World, rollerblading or biking in Battersea Park and Make & Do Camden Arts Centre Activities.  As you can see there are things for everyone and most of the activities aren’t expensive.

When you are travelling with your canine companion it is important to plan a few activities with them as well and take time to find cheap weekend breaks in the UK that are dog friendly. Finding a great hotel that allows dogs to stay is the first step. Once you secure the location you can plan a few low cost activities that you can do with your pets such as a beach walk, playing in one of the parks, or simply exploring the south bank on a walk.

There are also a number of free activities that are child friendly that you can enjoy when you are spending cheap weekend breaks in the UK with kids.  The city offers up some amazing spectacles at no cost including the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, Diana Memorial Playground, Museum of London, Docklands Kew Gardens (free for ages 17 and under), viewing the magical Peter Pan Statue in Kensington Gardens, Natural History Museum, Science Museum and several other museums.  If you want to learn a bit more about agriculture and animals you can visit one of the several city farms such as Hackney city farm and Mudchute city farm.

A great hotel in central London that offers a great cheap weekend break in the UK is St Athans Hotel. It offers all of the great amenities of a budget hotel with the added benefit of being close to the tube station, it is dog friendly and it welcome a stay with your children.  For a great stay at an even better location in London check out St Anthans Hotel (

UK and London in particular have a lot to offer the weekend traveller for free or inexpensive if you are willing to take some time to learn and plan your break.  Paying attention to the location and cost of your hotel will allow you to be close to the action without spending much money.  Research well and then enjoy your stay on your cheap weekend breaks in the UK.

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