The Best London Tourist Attractions That You Must See During Your Visit

Heading to London and wondering what are the most popular tourist attractions? With a city as large as London there are an almost endless amount of attractions but here are 5 of the most popular London tourist attractions. This list is not in any order and you are encouraged to stay at the St Athans Hotel so that you are optimally situated to experience all of these attractions.

London Zoo

The London zoo is not only one of the top London tourist attractions but it is also the oldest scientific zoo in the world. It was opened in 1828 where the gentlemen of the time might have a place to study the animals. The zoo continues to be a leading research organization, and you can avoid the majority of the lineups by taking a boat from Camden Lock and paying just £2 more than regular entry.

 Royal Observatory

The hill that you have to climb up can be a bit of a trek but the magnificent view that greets you at the top is work it. The observatory also houses the largest refracting telescope in the UK. This is a London tourist attraction that is necessary for the astronomer hobbyists of any age.

Buckingham Palace

One of the most world renowned London tourist attractions has to be a trip to Buckinghamlondon tourist attractions - Buckingham palace Palace. During the summer the doors are open to anyone that is interested in taking a look. The decor that dons the interiors and paintings are only available in royal households and an amazing sight to behold

 St Paul’s Cathedral

As yet another London tourist attraction that is known far and wide it is considered the London Tourist Attractions - St Pauls Cathedral spiritual heart of London. The crypt offers a glimpse of the old style burials of the celebrities of London such as wren, nelson and wellington. It also offers one of the best views of London from its lofty lantern and an intriguing design of the whispering gallery and its unique auditory properties

 Tower of London

Probably the most popular of the tourist attractions in London is the tower of London and it has served the royal family for hundreds of years. Transforming purposes over the years the Tower of London has been a prison, a zoo, and finally a tourist attraction that houses the royal crown. A visit to London would not be complete without a stop at the Tower of London.

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