Hotels in London City Centre : Discover How To Find A Budget Friendly Hotel in the Heart of London

London is a beautiful city to visit during your vacation. When you visit this exciting and vibrant city, you need to ideally find a hotel that is located in the centre of town. If you’re looking for a good hotel that is also budget friendly and family friendly and located in a safe and convenient location then you will need to do a bit more research and planning.

In this article, I reveal my top 5 tips that can help you find budget  hotels in London.

Cheap Hotels in London City Centre

1. Decide what your travel plan

Before choosing a good hotel in London city centre, you need to think about your travel plans. If you are planning to travel with your family, it is important for you to find a hotel that is family friendly. There are many good family hotels in London city centre however the cheapest hotels in London i.e the more budget friendly ones will obviously get booked up quickly.

In order to choose the right hotel in the city centre, to suit your plans then you need to study the London tube map. Make sure that you appreciate the location of the nearest train or tube station to the attractions that would like to visit.

When you are on holiday, you do not want to waste time and money travelling. So if you are looking to get the most out of your trip, central London is the best place that you can choose to stay. Based centrally allows you to easily walk from the hotel to many famous attractions here, thereby saving time and money

2. Look for travel comparision sites

There are many different travelling sites on the Internet that offer great deals, for example,, or You can usually get London hotels special offers from these websites and many deals usually offer around 15 to 20% discounts.

3. Try to book your accommodation in advance

There are many cheap hotels in London city centre that offer great deals for those of you who book the hotel in advance. This means that you need to book a hotel at least 1-2 months in advance. London is a very popular city and with the many visitors great deals usually go very quickly. If you do not book your accommodation in advance the chances of finding a budget hotel room  in London will be quite low.

4. Do Some Reseach on Your Hotel and it’s Customer Service

It is important for you to get a lot of information about the hotel before booking. A good hotel should be able to give you some important details and guides, such as a tube map, train map, details of the best attractions, advice on tours, and other tourist information. 5.

5. Choose a safe location

Although London is a safe city, it is important to do a bit of research. You can use the Google street view tool  to look at your hotel and the surrounding areas. All you need to do is enter the hotel post or zip code. Check out all shops and facilities around the hotels to see how the actual area is. This is especially important if you are looking for family hotels in London city center.

London is the perfect city for you to visit with your family. There are many great hotels in the city centre with family rooms, and even some which are pet friendly. 

For more great tips or if you are looking for a great budget friendly hotel in the heart of London, visit St Athans Hotel today.


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